Things are moving forward (and an important development!)

Hello Friends,

I wanted to send out an update on things.  I've been busy over the past few months with my ongoing development of The Overcomer™.  In addition -- and here's the important development -- my wife and I were blessed with a new addition to our family in early May:  a baby girl!

Toward the end of the summer, I will be working with the Rochester Institute of Technology to really analyze and fine tune The Overcomer™.  We will be working together in an effort to design, engineer, and test a version of The Overcomer™ that can be sent to manufacturing.

I'm also pursing some other interesting and exciting connections.  I will keep you updated about those!

I greatly appreciate all of you who have helped by donating, making connections, and providing services toward this important work!  I pray you will continue to share our news, and support us so we can make this project a reality and change the landscape of adapted fitness and sport equipment around the world!

Thank you and God bless!