Overcoming Challenges While Supporting Inclusion


This patent-pending, revolutionary piece of adapted fitness equipment allows the user the ability to engage and interact in fitness and health-related activities like never before. The Overcomer™ is designed to increase an individual’s self-worth, inclusion, engagement, independence, muscular strength, and endurance by enabling individuals with special needs to participate in physical activities in a whole new way.

The Overcomer™ is a versatile physical-activity system that can easily be adjusted to meet the user’s size and age. The Overcomer™ is able to operate with a multitude of different manual and power wheelchairs, walkers, standers, and gait trainers. The interchangeable sport and gaming attachments make it possible for users to participate in a number of fitness and health-related activities and easily transition from one to the next quickly. Its light weight and easy adjustment make it perfect for use in a variety of settings including, but not limited to: home, physical education, recreation programs, physical therapy and rehabilitation programs, hospitals, and sports programs.

Some of the attachments include a lower body attachment for receiving and sending a ball as in soccer; an upper body manipulative striking and catching device for games such as baseball, hockey, tennis, golf, lacrosse and basketball; and attachments designed for other resistance fitness equipment. The attachments come in a variety of entertaining designs and shapes to promote even more enjoyment and excitement for our users.



What People Are Saying

What a wonderful way to encourage him to walk and play...That might be the best thing I’ve ever seen! I’m in tears. I love it!” J.N., Webster, NY

“I've seen your passion for these kids and your intent on always wanting to include them in such a special way! Your kindness and caring shows in their eyes and smiles every day!”  B.C., Webster, NY

“Inspiring!!!” C.M., Rochester, NY

“What a creative invention!” L.C., Webster, NY

“I've known Joe Kabes for many years and can tell you that he is passionate about this project. The potential benefit to children and adults with physical challenges is immeasurable!” M.R., Rochester, NY

“I'm grateful that our school has an educator like Joe Kabes who is passionate about giving all students the opportunity to participate fully in PE...Such an amazing project for some of the most amazing children I've ever known!” J.G., Webster, NY

"What a great idea! I hope some company will pick up on this to make it affordable for those that need it!" –L.M., Webster, NY

"I truly believe this will help so many!  If you have not seen [this] invention I suggest [you] look at it.  It brings tears to my eyes to know that Joe will be able to accomplish so many great things with this product!" –H.D., Rochester, NY

"This is Amazing!" –T.M., Webster, NY

"WOW!  This is AMAZING!!! I also work with students with orthopedic disabilities in Maryland.  This would be something that I would highly recommend for my elementary students." –M.M., Maryland

"That's Awesome!" –C.S., Buffalo, NY

"This is Super Cool!" –J.Z., Maryland

"...This is going to benefit so many people in so many ways.  You are a true visionary who is helping so many reach their full potential with your new equipment.  Thank you." –K.A., Spencerport NY

"This is fantastic...It has such promise." –L.F., Rochester, NY