Our History

Inclusivity, Inc. and the Overcomer™ were conceived out of necessity. As a physical education teacher, I work with a diverse student population ranging from typically developing children to children with special needs, I needed to come up with ideas to engage all students in activities and to make sure all students felt included and successful. I quickly realized that there isn’t a wide range of equipment options for individuals with special needs—especially for those in walkers, wheel chairs and gait trainers. I decided to take matters into my own hands and began developing adapted fitness equipment for my students that would create a sense of inclusion and self-worth, would increase their fitness levels, and have a playful and fun design.

Joseph Kabes, President

Our Mission

Inclusivity, Inc. strives to enhance the lives of individuals with special needs through the development of adaptive sport, fitness, and recreational equipment. Inclusivity, Inc. develops and creates inclusive equipment that empowers our users and promotes inclusion, independence, fitness, engagement and overall well-being.

Our Vision

Inclusivity, Inc.’s objective is to set the standard of excellence for adaptive sport, fitness, and recreation equipment by:

  • Focusing on a high standard of quality,
  • Create engaging and unique designs, and
  • Continually evolving to meet the unique needs of our clients today and into the future.